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Welcome to jeffjadulco.com!

Hello! Welcome to my personal space on the internet. I'm happy that I was finally able to launch this site for everyone to see.

Hello World

Being a full-time employee with three to five hours spent on daily commute, this work from home setup gave me a lot of free time to spend! I've been developing games for five years and I started to feel this itch to make something different. That is when I started to explore web development.

My first web development project is this: To Do App. It's not much, but coding the app itself was fun! I wanted more. I wanted something serious. And what's a better project for a first timer like me than making my own website?

A purpose

My goal with this site (and blog) is to continue learning web development and learn publicly. This allows me to document my learning and share my process out there. Another side effect of writing a blog is that I get to practice my writing skills — specifically technical writing. I want to be able to clearly communicate my process and its technical details to other people.

So that's it for my introduction, I hope you like my site!

A small favor

Is this post confusing? Did I make a mistake? Let me know if you have any feedback and suggestions!