About Me

I'm Jeff Jadulco, I work full-time as a game programmer at Secret 6, Inc. In my free time, I study front-end development with React. My goal is to write useful apps and contribute to open source projects while working a full-time job.

Why make this website?

I made this website to learn what actually goes into web development. From planning, design, development, launch, and maintenance. For sure there are other things that I have yet to encounter, and I’m ready to learn them.

This also serves a motivation for me to continue making projects because now I finally have a place to showcase them.

Why write a blog?

My first blog post explained it. I'd be happy if you read it :)

What else?

When I’m not programming, I endlessly browse Reddit (/r/gamedev, /r/webdev, /r/animalsbeingderps). I also love watching movies and listening to awesome music. You can catch me playing games sometimes, I play as xKore, xKored, or xKoreddd.

Get in touch 👋

Feel free to email me about anything. Want some advice? Give some feedback?

You can also reach me around the web: GitHub, Twitter, Instagram